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Above Rocks/Bog Walk

On surveying geological sheets covering the Above Rocks section (1:50,000 metric-sheets 22, 25 & 19), it was observed that the Upper and Lower White Limestones were mapped as undifferentiated Limestone. In addition, a lack of continuity, within the lithologic units, was observed across boundaries for sheets 19, 22 and sheet 25. Material mapped as Lower, undifferentiated White Limestone on sheet 22 coincides with the Troy & Walderston unit on sheet 19. In addition, the undifferentiated Limestone on the northern section of sheet 22 coincides with the Troy & Newport Formation on sheet 19. An additional problem is that the continuity, that is absent from the rock units, exists within structural features across the map boundaries.


In conducting this research, we aim to accomplish the following:
  1. To determine if the Upper and Lower limestone can be differentiated into separate units;
  2. Should differentiation be possible, to identify and record rock types;
  3. To create continuity, in terms of lithology, across sheets 19, 22 & 25.


  1. Conduct intensive literature review of previous field maps of the area of interest.
  2. Study aerial photographs of the study area.
  3. Conduct detailed mapping of selected areas.
  4. Compile data obtained through aerial photography, literature research and mapping in a digital format.
  5. Incorporate compiled information in metric 1:50,000 geological sheet (#12).
  6. Compile a short report based on work done on project.

Final Output

At the end of the project, we aim at producing a 1:50,000 metric geological sheet #12 showing original Upper and Lower undifferentiated limestone differentiated into correct geological units.

Achievements To Date

  • Intensive literature review of previous field maps of the area was conducted.
  • Aerial photographs of the study area were analyzed.
  • Geological field mapping and sample collection were conducted in the Above Rocks area between 2001 and 2002.
  • Descriptions of the three hundred collected samples and their respective localities were tabulated.
  • Approximately one hundred and fifty (150) of these rock samples were made into slabs and 20 were polished.
  • Prof. Edward Robinson (University of the West Indies, Mona) assisted in the identification of the fossils in these slabs. Identification of most of these fossils will continue with the assistance of the Professor.

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