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River Quarrying Project (DFID/BGS)

The River Quarrying Project is a joint DFID funded project between the BGS and the Mines and Geology Division.


The objectives of the project are to evaluate the renewability and sustainability of fluvial sand and gravel resources, the economics of aggregate production including capital/operating cost, market requirements and transportation. As well as the socio-economic and biophysical impacts of sand and gravel extraction on host communities and the environment.

Project Goals:

  • Assessment of the sand and gravel resources, extraction and replenishment rates and the determination of the geomorphic and environmental impacts of extraction.
  • Analyses of the techno-economic factors in river aggregate quarrying.
  • Evaluation of social/community issues in the context of river quarrying.
  • Review of the regulatory and management frameworks dealing with river quarrying and establish guidelines for managing these resources.
  • Develop a handbook of "Best Practices" for sustainable sand and gravel quarrying.

The (SEBRA) Project and the River Quarrying Project (DFID/BGS) will focus on the Rio Minho and Yallahs Rivers. These projects will provide critical information that will allow the MGD to develop comprehensive strategy to regulate and manage the island fluvial sand /gravel resources along Jamaica's rivers. Ultimately, these studies will result in the preparation of a draft National Policy (Green Paper) on river aggregate quarrying.

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