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Prospecting Rights

Procedure for the Exploration and Exploitation of Minerals

Anyone with interest in mining investment in Jamaica has to first apply for a Prospecting Right to carry out general prospecting work. After general prospecting work has been done and the holder of the Prospecting Right has selected the area of greatest interest, an Exclusive Prospecting Licence should be applied for specifying the mineral, the locality and the area in square kilometre.

The holder of an Exclusive Prospecting Licence may make application to have the licence endorsed for other minerals after these minerals have been discovered on the area covered by the licence.

When the holder of an Exclusive Prospecting Licence has carried out sufficient work on his licence to prove the existence of a commercially exploitable ore deposit and has fulfilled all the conditions as indicated by Law, he may then apply for a Mining Lease to permit him/her to mine and sell the product of the mine.

The application fee for a Prospecting Right is five thousand dollars ($5,000). This Prospecting Right is valid for a year and is renewable.

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