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Economic Geology

The Economic Geology Unit is responsible for the identification and evaluation of Jamaica's mineral resources as well as making recommendation for their economic exploitation.

This is done through two main sub-units:

  1. Metallic Minerals
  2. Industrial Minerals

Metallic Minerals

This sub-unit's activities include:

  • The identification and evaluation of the precious and base metal potential (gold(Au),silver( Ag), copper(Cu), nickel(Ni), lead(Pb) )of the island
  • To generate a comprehensive metallic mineral database of the island with emphasis on its application to mining and environmental management, epidemiology and agriculture
  • To promote and encourage investment in non-bauxite metallic minerals as a means of diversifying the minerals sector

Industrial Minerals

This sub-unit's activities include:

  • Identifying and evaluating economic deposits of industrial minerals
  • Determining the commercial viability of different types of limestone, marbles, semi-precious stones as well as other industrial minerals
  • Making recommendation for the profitable exploitation and marketing of these minerals
  • Identification, evaluation and development of sources of skid resistant aggregate resources
  • Providing assistance with the demarcation of quarry zones, via geological investigative sampling and reports
  • Assist Government and private organizations as well as members of the public with general geological information, industrial mineral information and educational talks and tours

Assisting investors with:

  1. Preliminary geological evaluation of mineral deposits
  2. Geological evaluation, sampling, analyses, definition of mineral resources and quarry development plans
  3. Recommend appropriate environmental practices in the extraction of industrial minerals.

Mines & Geology Division
Ministry of Transport & Mining

address: Hope Gardens, Kingston 6
(876) 927-1936
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