Laboratory Services

The Laboratory provides a range of Analytical Services including engineering testing, environmental testing, geochemical as well as health related testing. These tests are provided for certification, qualityappraisal, quality control, export purposes and research.

Testing is done primarily for developers, construction companies, water entities, recreational facilities, environmental monitoring entities, mining companies, farmers, food processors, supermarkets and research organizations.

Types of Tests Done:

Soil Testing

Rocks Testing

- including limestone, shale, granite, and gypsum

Physical Testing

This includes: Strength, Durability, Density, Size Evaluation and Appearance Tests Applicable to:

Water Testing

Testing of Food

Sampling and Sample Preparation Services

This includes:

Analytical Methods

Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy(AAS)


The Laboratory has a state of the art Perkin Elmer AAS system. This system utilizes three different AAS techniques. More than 40 elements, mainly metals may be determined. Specific AAS techniques include:

Ion Chromatography (IC)

A DIONEX™ IC allows rapid mualti-element determination of the following parameters; nitrate, chloride, fluoride, nitrite, bromide, phosphate, and sulphate. This technique is generally applied to water analysis. Arrange of other traditional Analytical techniques are also utilised, these include; Gravimetry, Titrimetry, Spectrophotometry, and Electrometric methods.

Mines & Geology Division