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Hillside Development Manual

The Hillside Development Manual for Jamaica began its journey in November 2008, when it became apparent that a hillside policy was needed for Jacks Hill, St. Andrew to guide development in that area.

The demand for residential space and the problems of geological instability associated in Jacks Hill led to a number of discussions and meetings between the MGD and NEPA to address this issue.

This resulted in the development of a draft policy for the Jacks Hill area. The volume of material reviewed to prepare the draft policy and the strong interest by stakeholders to have it extended to other selected areas convinced NEPA and the MGD that a set of hillside development guidelines/policy for Jamaica should be prepared in order to encourage good hillside development practices. Additionally, it was realized that Parish Development Orders and the Investment and Development Manual for Jamaica (2007) did not adequately address hillside development. It meant that developers and their professionals exploited the gaps that existed in the development approval process.

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