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Jamaica Mineral Information System Map

This is an interactive web map, designed to catalog and disseminate geological data about mineral resources in Jamaica. 

The mineral information web map was implemented as a return to work project, arising from the Geodata Digitization and Mapping of Development Minerals workshop organized by the ACP-EU Development Minerals Programme, in December 2017. 

Using the map tool, users can zoom in to obtain information from the Mines and Geology Division on mineral distribution, quality, quantity, and accessibility via transport infrastructure. The information presented is free to the public and is the basis from which further research can be done. 

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Maps Price List

The MGD currently has in stock a variety of geological maps covering geology, structure, geophysics, geochemistry along with some specialty maps.
(All prices are quoted in US$ and exclude postage and handling)

Geological Map Series

Imperial Series 30 Maps 1:50,000 (Map numbers 1-30)


1:250,000 Imperial Geological Sheet showing full island coverage  
Sheets numbers 1-21, 24, 26-30 black and white  
Sheets numbers 22-23 and 25 (colour coded)  
Sheets numbers 26-30 are available in preliminary form  



3-Montego Bay
5-Queen of Spain Valley
7-Black River
10-Alligator Pond
11-Discovery Bay
14-St. Ann's Bay
16-May Pen
17-Portland Ridge
18-Ocho Rios
20-Old Harbour
21-Port Maria
22-Above Rocks
23-Hellshire Hills
24-Annotto Bay
26-Swift River
28-Port Antonio
30-Holland Bay

Metric Series 20 Maps 1:50,000 (Map numbers 1-20)


Sheets numbers 1-20 available as line drawings (CAD)  
Digital Data for above mentioned sheets (special conditions apply)  



2-Montego Bay
3-Falmouth- Browns Town
4-St. Ann's Bay - Ocho Rios
5-Savannalamar - Negril
6-The Cockpit Country
7-Albert Town - Alexandria
9-Port Maria - Annotto Bay
10-Black River
12-Linstead - Chapelton
13-Blue Mountain
14- Port Antonio
16-Alligator Pond
17-Spanish Town - May Pen
19-Morant Bay
20-Lionel Town

Structural Map Series

20 Maps 1:50,000 (map numbers 92-1 to 92-20)  
1 Map 1:250,000 (map number 92-21)  


Geophysical Map Series

(Colour Coded Maps), 1:250,000Total-Field Magnetics Map (map number 92-42)  
1-st Derivative Magnetics Map (map number 92-63)  
Residual-Gravity Map (map number 92-105)  
Bouguer-Gravity Map (map number 92-106)  
Package (set of 4)  
(Black and White Maps)Set 1/5: 20 Total-Field Magnetics Maps 1:50,000 (map numbers 92-22 to 41)  
Set 2/5: 20 1st-Derivate Magnetics Maps 1:50,000 (map numbers 92-43 to 62)  
Set 3/5: 20 Residual Gravity Maps 1:50,000 (map numbers 92-85 to 104)  
Set 4/5: 20 Magnetics-Interpretation Maps 1:50,000 (map numbers 92-64 to 83)  
Set 5/5: 20 Gravity-Interpretation Maps 1:50,000 (map numbers 92-107 to 126)  
Set 4/5: 1 Magnetics-Interpretation Map 1:250,000 (map number 92-84)  
Set 5/5: 1 Gravity-Interpretation Map 1:250,000 (map number 92-127)  


Geochemical Map Series

Silver in Stream Sediments 1:50,000 Set of 10 Maps (map numbers GM01:A.17, GM02:A.16, GM03:A.17, GM04:A.16, GM05:A.18, GM06:A.16, GM07:A.20, GM08:A.20, GM09:A.17 and GM10:A.18)  
Mercury in Stream Sediments 1:50,000 Set of 10 Maps (maps numbers GM01:A.18, GM02:A.17, GM03:A.18, GM04:A.17, GM05:A.19, GM06:A.17, GM07:A.21, GM08:A.21, GM09:A.18 and GM10:A.19)  

Laboratory Services

The Laboratory provides a range of Analytical Services including engineering testing, environmental testing, geochemical as well as health related testing. These tests are provided for certification, qualityappraisal, quality control, export purposes and research.

Read more: Laboratory Services

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